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It may sound odd, but your stress can help you achieve your goals.

◽ Do you often feel overburdened and chasing a endless list of tasks?
◽ Do you have trouble switching off after work and enjoying time with family and friends?
◽ Do the wishes of your loved ones feel like additional demands and do you feel unable to take them into account?
◽ Even if you would like to do so?

What I offer


A coaching package consists of 6 coaching sessions, usually spread out over a period of 3 to 6 months, depending on what fits the coachee best. During this time, together we (coach and coachee) work out your personal goals and develop solutions to achieve these goals together. The coaching sessions aim to first understand the current stress level and then provide tools to enable you to bring it down, achieving more balance and thus increase your ability to manage stress. It doesn’t matter what is causing your stress – whatever it is, we can find a way to address it by improving what we call stress competence.
My stress coaching is not „one size fits all“ with ready-made, universal strategies, but rather about finding out what exactly is helpful for you and how this can be integrated into your daily life.
If you are interested in becoming a coachee, you are welcome to contact me at to arrange a free information session. Here we will clarify the coaching process, discuss what you need and see if we fit together – because coaching requires sympathy and trust on both sides.


Workshops are a group approach to coaching, adopting a collaborative understanding to dealing with stress and the group’s particular challenges.
There are multiple possibilities in designing workshops on the topic of stress and these are always based on the needs of the team or organization.
The objective could be to increase the so-called stress competence of a department, develop concrete solutions to reduce a too high stress level or to determine the individual stress contributors.

As with individual coaching, trust is vital for a successful outcome, so smaller groups of 10-15 participants work best.
If you would like to discuss what options there are to support your team, just reach out to me at
During a preliminary discussion, we will exchange information about the current situation in your company and thus ensure that the workshop optimally supports the needs of your business.


If you would like to reach a larger audience in less time but with the same message, the most value-adding approach is through a presentation. This can provide an overview to help the audience start to understand the causes and effects of stress and initiate the dialogue around the topic.
This enables attendees to recognize signs of stress in themselves and the people closest to them and provides initial inspiration on how to create more balance in their lives.
Presentation content can be tailored to whatever aspects of stress are most of interest to the respective client and usually sparks interesting discussions, especially when people feel comfortable sharing their own personal experiences.
If stress is a challenge in your company, your department, your team or you want to improve the stress competence of your employees, you are welcome to make an appointment with me at
A preliminary meeting is important to me so that I can develop an understanding what to focus on in my presentation to best reach your employees.

Christine Olivier

Christine Olivier

My name is Christine „Chrissie“ Olivier, I have one daughter, am married and have been working as a quality engineer in international corporations for over 15 years.

I have developed a keen interest in stress, so I decided to deepen my knowledge about stress and recently qualified as a certified stress coach according to the Drachenberg method.

Stress is very close to my heart and in fact for years, I lived with high stress levels myself. I had to-do lists, that seemed endless, a constant inner restlessness and an inability to relax deeply. I was lucky not to develop any stress-related illnesses during this time – but this was all down to external circumstances rather than my own conscious choices.

And this is exactly what I want to tackle. I would like to help other people to approach their stress in a sympathetic way, not to fight against it, but to recognize how much of our stress is within our own sphere of control. When we take responsibility for our own stress level, it creates a lot of freedom for everything that really matters to us.

And with that, we can ensure that we find the balance between work/career and the demands on us as employees, partners, parents and private individuals.

What clients say

I have participated in a stress workshop led by Christine Olivier. The workshop really opened my eyes for the advantages and the disadvantages related to stress. It also made me understand that even if stress can be destructive, it can also be constructive is used correctly and with care.

I have learned to understand the signs of stress and to react in due time.

Berit Skaarup Laursen, Grundfos Holding A/S
Birgitte T. Klug

Through our team workshop I found Christine's coaching relevant and authentic for each of us as well as for us as a team and we learnt how to understand each other.

I did not only learn about the stress factors in general, but also how they influence me personal. I understand how I can read the situation, where I can take the control and even benefit from being in a good flow without being over-loaded.

Birgitte T. Klug, Grundfos Holding A/S
Angelo Colombo, Grundfos Pompe Italia S.r.l.

I lead a Service organisation of around 1000 people and decided to have some coaching from Christine. It can also be quite stressful when we have customers and colleagues demanding urgent help because a pump needs repairing. Christine asked questions that forced me to reflect upon certain behaviours that I had never questioned before. That’s what really opened my eyes to how willing I was to compromise on my own health and well-being.
In a nutshell, I can highly recommend Christine. Her questions, suggestions and analysis are invaluable.

Angelo Colombo, Grundfos Pompe Italia S.r.l.